“If we don’t do something, we run the risk of women being unwanted, uneccesary,  and not needed when it comes to the future innovation that can change our world.” ~Phylecia Jones

All Girls are Great at Math
November 2018

Tech Needs a Kardashian
December 2019

TEDx Talk: All Girls are Great at Math

There is no greater honor than giving a TEDx talk. In 2018, I had the privilege of taking the stage with TEDxCherryCreek in Denver, CO to launch  the beginnings of a movement that All Girls are Great at Math. With fewer women entering and being represented in the world of tech, finance, and science, I knew it was time to take action with some simple words to encourage change. The talk was inspired by being a woman in STEM, serving as a Budgetologist for solo business owners, and seeing so many women say they are not good at Math. My passion is to change that dialogue and build confidence with girls and women when in comes to pursuing a career influenced by Math.

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Phylecia’s STEM Story

From an ad for Sega Genesis programmers to being a computer scientist for the US Navy, choosing a career influenced by Math can be an adventure!

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